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Spinmad Kogut Jigs 12gr, culoarea 1902

20,00 lei
Lungime totala naluca (cu tot cu pene): Greutate: 12grame (gramaj inscriptionat pe bila) Tip naluca: kogut jig Evolutie: sinking (variabila) Recomandat la: salau, biban, stiuca, avat Mod de ambalare: 1buc/pac Ancore: 1buc x Fabricat in: Polonia Anyone who has ever fished for zanders with kogut lures knows how effective these baits are! A long time ago when the first news of kogut lures appeared over Polish waters, we have noticed that they have a vast potential. Initially, we made kogut lures for own needs and for our friends, however, after making thousands of lures, fishing a lot of magnificent fish we decided to share our knowledge and skills by introducing kogut lures to Spinmad offer. Unique design, strength and handmade-like precision are features characteristic only for the best lures. In our company, there is no place for mass slapdash production, for this reason, each kogut you get is made from the highest quality materials - the best evidence of which are WAPSI feathers and chenille. In combination with a wide range of selected colours, proven by years of experience in designing and production of baits, we present you the product that fully meets expectations, satisfies and even surprises even the most demanding anglers, who thought that they knew everything about kogut lures. Many anglers treat kogut lures as baits designed solely for zander fishing. However, everyone who has tried kogut lures admits that they are also perfect for fishing pikes, perch, trout and other predators. Kogut lures open a wide range of applications, and everything depends on the choice of appropriate weight of the lure and the pace and manner of its conduct. In the case of zander, the most important criterion for success is aggressive presentation of the lure knocking on the bottom as well as pulsating work of feathers.