Konger Fir Monofilament Steelon FC TOURNAMENT 150m / 0.20mm – cod 248150020

SKU: 248150020

Un fir monofilament incolor (transparent) caracterizat prin valori de utilizare extrem de ridicate. Acesta va funcționa excelent ca linie principala sau pentru monturi pentru orice metoda de pescuit cu aceeași eficienta : spinning sau stationar. Dupa ce a fost testat de multi pescari colaboratori din Europa, FC Tournament a primit doar feedback-uri pozitive. Rezistenta crescuta a monofilamentului, extensibilitatea perfect echilibrata și rezistența ridicata la efectele negative ale conditiilor meteorologice fac din acesta un fir in care puteti avea mare incredere.
Mai mult, acest monofilament are un invelis cu fluorocarbon pentru a menține parametrii inalti intr-un mediu de apa agresiv din punct de vedere chimic și protectie impotriva radiatiilor UV. Un alt aspect important legat de utilizarea fluorocarbonului pentru invelisul monofilamentului este rezistența sporita la abraziune și netezimea suprafeței, care are o influenta substanțiaaă asupra cresterii distantei de lansare. Firul este fabricat in Japonia.

Tip fir : monofilament
Diametru : 0.20mm
Rezistenta : 5.85kg
Lungime rola : 150m
Culoare fir : Transparent
Cod : 248150020
Recomandat pentru spinning , stationar
* Fluorocarbon coated
* Super High resistant monofilament fishing line
* Made in Japan

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A colourless monofilament characterized by extremely high use values. It will perform superbly as a main line or rig line while fishing with pole rods. It will complete its task in relation to any other fishing method with the same efficiency. Having been tested in domestic and European fisheries, FC Tournament has been given only positive recommendations from third party testers. The increased line strength, perfectly balanced extensibility and high resistance to negative effects of weather conditions predispose it as your new number one monofilament line.
A series of the highest quality monofilaments manufactured in Japan. The polymer used for the production is a homogenous material strictly controlled in terms of quality, diameter and cross-section. This has resulted in an amazing monofilament line with a perfectly round cross-section and even strength along the whole length. Moreover, this monofilament is protected by an external fluorocarbon coating to maintain high parameters in a chemically aggressive water environment and protection against UV radiation. Another chief asset related to the use of the fluorocarbon coating is the enhanced abrasion resistance and surface smoothness, which has a substantial influence on the increase of casting distance. Seven monofilament types will allow matching a proper line to any fishing method.

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