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Lansete Spinning Twitch L 1.98m / 3.5-7gr, Fast (dintr-o bucata)

475,00 lei
Series of rods designed to use together with wide variety of twitching lures. Action of each of those rods allows you to mimic the movement of minnows with an ease. Convenient Fuji TVS reel seat and the balance of the blanks makes the feeling of the lure and it’s presentation absolutely amazing. In this series you’ll find one and two section rods, with different casting weights well suited for different predators. Starting from light perch rods, through universal models, up to strong pike types - each angler will find something to match his needs. When you’ll have some small fish hooked, only the tip part will be doing the work, but when some really nice catch will be on the other side of the line, bottom section will assure you winning of this fight. Those rods should definitely find their place amongst your tackle as the best twitching rods you have ever had. Casting weight up to 7g and lengths 198 cm and 214 cm. These parameters will enable fishermen to ”spread their wings” and interpret in their own way the purpose of Twitch L. The testers have tried everything: from 3g jig heads, through 00-1 spinners, to 7 cm wobblers. The result was amazing, no additional comments – it dealt with all conditions. Model:Streeto Twitch L Lungime: 1.98m Putere (clasa): L Actiune lanseta: F (fast) Putere de lansare naluci: 3.5-7gr Sectiuni: lansete dintr-o bucata (1 piece) Lungime transport: 1.98m Greutate lanseta: 126gr Material Blank: Nanocarbon Core Technology Inele: Mandrina: Fuji TVS Tub PVC rezistent culoarea neagra pentru transport + husa material texil

Mulineta Konger Endura 820 FD

106,00 lei
This year we expand the well-received Endura reel series by an eight-bearing version. This reel needs no advertising: high manufacture quality and attention to detail have once more been essential. Try it on a fishery and it will definitely become your trip companion. * marime: 2000 * greutate: 290gr * numar rulmenti: 7+1 * raport de recuperare: 5.2:1 * capacitate tambur: 0,18mm/285m 0,20mm/230m 0,25mm/150m * tip franta: frontala cu disc (FD - Front drag) * tambur aluminiu * tambur de rezerva: din graphite (1 bucata) * 7 ball bearings, 1 anti-reverse bearing * multi-washer rear drag * graphite rotor and body * aluminium main spool * graphite spare spool * computer balanced rotor * precise line leading system.

Hitfish Fir Fluorocarbon 100% Deline by YGK Japan, 50m, marime PE 5.0, 0.373mm, 8kg

40,00 lei
Fir fluorocarbon 100% , transparent cu un indice de refractie aproape identic cu apa. Incredibil de rezistent la abraziune, complet rezistent la razele UV si foarte moale. Spre deosebire de altei fire, fluorocarbonul nu absoarbe apa, ceea ce inseamna ca nu imbatraneste si este rezistent la apa sarata, rezista la agenti chimici si poate fi folosit la toate metodele de pescuit cu inaintas (leader) mai ales in apele foarte limpezi.  Firul a fost produs in Japonia in fabrica YGK la cererea companiei Hitfish. Tip fir : fluorocarbon 100% Diametru : 0.373mm Marime PE : #5.0 Rezistenta : 8kg Lungime rola : 50m Culoare fir : transparent Cod : HFDD-50-5.0 Recomandat pentru inaintas (leader) la spinning , stationar * Very High Abrasion Resistance * Completely immune to UV Rays * Made in Japan by YGK

Damiki Standard Offset Hook 1/0, 9buc/plic

7,20 lei
Marime carlig : 1/0, Culoare carlig : BN Mod de ambalare : 9buc/plic Proper Jighead for the “Damiki Rig” Designed for vertical jigging during the cold water months, the Damiki Rig Jig Head offers anglers a perfect shad imitating jig head that works extremely well on suspended and lethargic fish. Featuring a center weight balanced design, as well as, a 90-degree vertical line tie, this combination allows your presentation to remain perfectly horizontal when vertical jigging for suspended fish – even when dead-sticking. Pair it with the Armor Shad 3” or Armor Shad Paddletail 3″for the perfect Damiki Rig presentation. Its razor sharp Hook also delivers lightning fast hook penetration, and its large 3D eyes provide an additional level of attraction. Complete with a chip-resistant powder coat finish, the Damiki Rig Jig Head gives anglers the perfect tool for cold water jigging.