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Damiki Squash Shad 6.3CM (2.5 inch), 404 (Ambler Flake), 15buc/plic

19,00 lei
Lungime: 6.3cm Greutate naluca: 1.4gr Tip naluca: worm shad, shad Evolutie: sinking Recomandat la: biban, salau, stiuca Mod de ambalare: 15buc/blister Jig/Microjig recomandat: nr.2 sau nr.1 Carlig Drop Shot / Offset / Cheburasha recomandat: nr.2 sau nr.1 Cod: DMK-SSH25-404 Amber Flake Mandarin fish has the habit of ambushing its prey in a hiding place and momentarily attacking its prey and then trying to return to its original position.This is a species of fish that has sensitive senses around and inside the mouth, so if it feels like a foreign body after inhaling, it will instantly shed its needles.The thin and wide beaver tail of the squash shed creates large tail waves up and down in the lift and fall, In the fast current of a rapid, high frequency residual waves are created to the left and right. Using this, you can easily use various mandarin fishing techniques such as hopping, polling, retrieve, dragging, and drifting.Additionally, the wide structure when viewed from above and below makes the mandarin fish more visible. Damiki's unique soft material minimizes needle hair and produces high yields.