Gosen Fir Textil PE Casting X16 Braid Light Green 150m / #1.0 / 0.171mm / 10.5kg

SKU: GC16LG1510

Firul textil GOSEN 16 braid Casting este fabricat din fibre Izanas produse de compania japoneza Toyobo, fibre ce sunt mult mai rezistente decat fibrele Dynemma. In prezent este singurul fir impletit in 16 de pe piata. Acest nou material Cele 16 fire din care este fabricat fac din acesta un fir mai puternic decat orice fir impletit in 8 de pe piata. Are un tratament special impotriva absorbtiei apei, care ajuta mult la rezistenta nodurilor, o densitate mare de impletire, este extrem de neted, incredibil de sensibil atunci cand avem atacuri si este un echilibru excelent intre rigid si moale. Echilibrul dintre toate caracteristicile este rezultatul unui proces numit 4S de catre specialistii marcii japoneze, iar scopul sau este de a minimiza eliberarea fibrei si de a imbunatati lansarea lui, astfel incat firul sa fie potrivit pentru multe tipuri si stiluri de pescuit : Spinning, Casting, Surf Casting, Egging, Light Rock Fishing, precum si in orice alta situatie in care folositi naluci de suprafata sau lucrati la distante apropiate sub nivelul apei, cum ar fi popper, momeli stick si altele.
Acest model este castigatorul expozitiei Efttex 2017 in categoria cel mai bun fir textil de pescuit datorita diametrului mic pastrat si, prin urmare, a suprafetei sale incredibil de netede. Culoarea verde deschis ofera o vizibilitate excelenta. Firul este fabricat in fabrica GOSEN din Japonia.

Tip fir : textil impletit in 16
Diametru : 0.171mm
Marime japoneza PE : #1.0
Rezistenta maxima : 10.5kg (23LB)
Lungime rola : 150m
Culoare fir : Light Green (verde aprins)
Cod : GC16LG1510
Recomandat pentru spinning sau casting
Fabricat in Japonia

* Higher strength
* Better sensitivity
* Higher knot strength
* Ultra smoothness
* High abrasion resistance
* Durability
* High level of control
* Color: Light Green

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399,00 lei 0-153mm9-1kglight-greenrola-150m

16-strand, much stronger and more durable than 8-strand braided fibers, Gosen W16 Casting will not deprive you of the pleasure of handling thin, smooth and sensitive at the same time line, despite its twice as large knit.
The model is the winner of the Efttex 2017 exhibition in the category for the best new line in its class precisely because of the preserved small diameter, and hence its incredibly smooth surface. These qualities provide much further and trouble-free casting, but would not be enough if it did not also have higher indicators of strength, knot strength and abrasion resistance. The balance between all the features is the result of a process called 4S by the Japanese brand’s specialists, and its goal is to minimize the release of the fiber and improve the casting so that the line is suitable for many types and fishing styles. These include Surf Casting, Spinning, Egging or when the target is squid, Light Rock Fishing, as well as in any other situation where you use surface lures or working on close distances below the water level such as popper, stick baits and others.
Braided line also features a special treatment against water absorption, which further helps the strength of the knots and eliminates sagging from possible weighting. It has an impressively high level of control, and the light green color provides excellent visibility.

Gosen 16 ply Casting PE Braided Fishing Line
Made in Japan from high quality fibres braided in a high pitch process, Gosen 16 ply casting braid is an award winning, high quality casting braid. Extremely thin for its diameter, this braid was designed to perform where ultra long casts are required.
The GOSEN 16 ply braid is made from Toyobo fibers from the Izanas company in Japan. It is currently the only 16 ply on the market. This new Toyobo material is stronger than high grade Dyneema. The 16 strands make this line stronger than any 8 ply on the market, it is high in water resistance, has incredible knot strength, a high braiding density, it is extremely smooth, incredibly sensitive to bites and is a great balance between stiff and soft line making it perfect for casting. The 16 ply manufacturing process makes this line perfectly round so it is forgiving on your line guides. The line is made in the GOSEN line factory in Japan.
Product Features:
– Made in Japan
– 16 Ply
– High Quality 16 Braided Fishing Line
Product Specifications:
Product Code: C16150L(PE size IE. 20)
Brand: Gosen
Spool Length: 150m
Colour: Light Green

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